‘Champagne moment’ for Feniton flood alleviation scheme

As I watch the rain trickling down the window, I am able to feel relaxed that at least one part of the village is now free from flooding.

Phase 1 of the flood alleviation scheme has now been completed. The channel around Metcombe and Sweetham’s Cottage at the bottom of Camp Field is now operational and surface water from the village will no longer gush under the cottages.

The extent of the earthworks required to achieve this is clearly visible in these photographs taken by engineers from EDDC:


DSC_0053DSC_0052DSC_0050DSC_0049This is an important milestone in the progress of the scheme. Works will continue into phase 2 in the New Year.

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4 Responses to ‘Champagne moment’ for Feniton flood alleviation scheme

  1. Mike Allen says:

    now you need a quite short pipeline across a field to drain the rest of the developments and another majer safety milestone will be passed.

    Another Project to fight for?

  2. Peter Bending says:

    Now that’s a serious bit of work unlike somewhere else I could mention.

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