Burlands Mead planning application, Open meeting

Just to clarify in case there is still any confusion over the Burlands Mead planning application (Reference number 20/2247/FUL).

The application was on the Parish Council’s agenda on 16 December and councillors decided to invite the developer to an open Zoom meeting so that residents of Feniton could put questions about the application to the developer. Several years ago, the Parish Council hosted a similar open meeting in the case of the proposed development at Acland Park, and this proved a valuable opportunity for the public to ask questions of the developer.

A mutually convenient date was agreed as 23 December. The agenda for the meeting and the following extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council, along with Zoom joining instructions can be found here.

The closing date for submission of the parish council’s comments to EDDC’s website is 4 January, so any meeting had to be held before Christmas. The developer agreed to a Zoom meeting on 23 December, starting at 7 pm. Under normal circumstances, a development on a site of such importance to the village would have been discussed in public, either as part of the Parish Council’s usual monthly meeting, or in a public meeting as has been done numerous times before.

However, we are not living in normal times and this is the only way the Parish Council could open up discussion to the whole village. If the Parish Council had delayed a meeting into the New Year, the deadline for submission of comments to EDDC would have passed and the PC response would not have been informed by residents’ views.

Questions for the developer need to be sent to Alison Marshall, our parish clerk, on fenitonpc@gmail.com by 6 p.m. tonight, so that questions can be collated to make sure that the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. Even if you are unable to attend the Zoom meeting, feel free to send in questions anyway.

At the end of the meeting, the parish councillors will discuss the application as part of an Extraordinary meeting, taking your views into consideration and then formulate a response which will be posted on EDDC’s website along with the responses of all statutory consultees (these are Devon Highways, the Ottery St Mary district councillors, Ottery St Mary Town Council, EDDC’s Environmental Health department, South West Water, EDDC’s arboricultural officers).

If you miss the meeting on 23 December, you can still comment on the application on EDDC’s website, by email or letter (postal address: East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ. For clarity, EDDC will only look at ‘planning considerations’ and they list these as examples:

  • The impact of a proposal on your property
  • The proposed design and materials
  • Issues relating to vehicular access and parking
  • Impact on trees
  • Noise issues
  • Concerns about flooding

Comments covering non-planning issues will not be considered. These are listed as examples:

  • Loss of value to your property
  • Loss of a view
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes
  • The impact of a proposal on private drainage systems

Planning Policy

The planning application must adhere to the following planning policies:

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

EDDC’s Local Plan

Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan

This last document is arguably the most important and is worth reading in full, particularly as it has to comply with national and local planning policy. The Neighbourhood Plan was formulated over several years and residents were consulted throughout. The amount of work involved by a team of dedicated residents and parish councillors was considerable. A referendum was held on 17 May 2018. All those over the age of 18, who were resident in the parish of Feniton were eligible to vote against a simple Yes/No to the question:

Do you want East Devon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Feniton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The result was a resounding 462 in favour and 30 against. EDDC acclaimed the Neighbourhood Plan as a model for others and members of the NP committee were commended for the amount of consultation undertaken. The turnout of just over 32% was one of the highest in the District.

The Role of Facebook

The role of Feniton Focus within the village is as a communication tool. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Parish Council and it is not monitored by the parish clerk. Any comments posted on Feniton Focus won’t reach the Parish Council.

Posting notification of Parish Council meetings on Feniton Focus is simply a means of using Facebook to reach as many people as possible. The formal way for the PC to communicate is via their village notice board and on the PC website.

And finally … There will be some who are unable to attend the Zoom meeting, but I’m always happy to hear from residents by phone (0771 222 7434) or email (sbond@eastdevon.gov.uk).

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