So long … farewell …

It’s time to go!

It has been a true privilege to serve the people of Feniton, Buckerell and Gittisham over the last 8 years, but now the time has come to hang up my Council badge and bid farewell to the residents of my ward.

We sold our house during the first lockdown in 2020 and moved up to Berkshire to be closer to family and friends, but because of Covid restrictions, no elections could be held, so I stayed on working for my ward from afar. This worked extremely well as no face-to-face meetings were permitted anyway and all Council meetings, at both District and Parish level, were held via Zoom.

Sadly, after May 7, this was no longer allowed under the previous Covid emergency legislation, despite great optimism over the success of Zoom meetings and the vastly increased numbers of people (both members of the public and councillors) attending the meetings remotely.

Therefore, with a sad heart, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to step aside.

A byelection will now be called and will probably take place in the next couple of months (hopefully in June). I’m sure everyone will afford the new district councillor for Feniton ward the same welcome afforded me.

Have you considered standing for election?

Being a District Councillor brings with it quite a time commitment if you are to fulfil the role as required. There are some who do the bare minimum and others who work tremendously hard … quietly and without making a fuss. Could you be one of those?

If you’ve ever felt you wanted to represent your community in a non-political way, I would be delighted to support you as long as you stand as a true Independent. By ‘Independent’, I mean anyone who is not a member of a political party, because I’m of the firm conviction that there is no room for politics at District Council level. There is work to be done and politics just ‘gets in the way’ … much better to sit round a table and agree on how best to serve those who pay their Council Tax, without constant carping at other political parties!

As a true Independent, you sit on committees, join in the debate, consider views of others and then make up your own mind, without worrying about your political masters and how they might treat you if you vote in what they perceive is the wrong way. Nobody will judge you on your voting record and no-one has the right to do so!

This is a link to the East Devon District Council page which gives information to those thinking of standing for election: Please feel free to contact me for more information, or indeed if this is of interest to you.

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