Shout out to Feniton residents: Have you completed your questionnaires?

I hate to nag, but there are currently two very important public consultation exercises going on in Feniton.

Neighbourhood Plan

IMG_0287The Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire hit doormats at the beginning of the month with a deadline for return of 30 November ( Already some 20% of the questionnaires have been completed and returned, and volunteers are busy inputting the data ready for analysis.

If you haven’t already returned your questionnaire, it is an ideal way to express your opinion on the future of the village and what kind of community it should become. Members of the committee are available to help if you’re having problems with any aspect of the questionnaire.

Recycling trial

PrintThe other questionnaire has been sent by East Devon District Council to all houses in New Feniton taking part in the recycling trial.

So far, there has been a 33% return rate which in itself is excellent.

However, the purpose of the trial is to learn what issues and problems are being faced by residents before the new scheme is rolled out across the rest of East Devon. Recycling officers would appreciate your thoughts, whether in favour of the scheme or critical of it.

Feedback from the questionnaire and information from the trial will help the council make a decision on any future changes to the current recycling and waste service.

For residents who need assistance, the council’s recycling team can be contacted on 01395 571515 or email

The questionnaire can be found on line at, and it takes only moments to complete.

Deadline for completion of both questionnaires is 30 November

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