Wainhomes is lead story on Radio Devon this morning

Sophie Pierce of Radio DevonFeniton hosted Sophie Pierce from Radio Devon for an update on the situation with Wainhomes reneging on the conditions imposed on their development of 50 homes won at appeal in 2012.

Despite being plagued by technical difficulties, I was interviewed by phone and then resident Gill Ewings was interviewed about what it means to be flooded and the prospect of facing increased surface water flooding because of Wainhomes’ decision to ignore the Planning Inspector.

I was delighted to hear from the BBC that Wainhomes will at last be making a statement on the situation. The media- and camera-shy developer has avoided engagement with the press (and the residents of Feniton for that matter) as to why they chose to ignore the condition to install the largest of the attenuation tanks on their site at ‘Winchester Park’ in Feniton.

East Devon District Council has served a Breach of Condition Notice on the company, forcing them to install the tanks within 6 weeks.

There is no room for negotiation on this stance … either Wainhomes complies with the Notice or EDDC will instigate court proceedings.

The programme is available for the next 7 days at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p027rksr.

The saga of the missing attenuation tanks is the first item on all news bulletins.

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1 Response to Wainhomes is lead story on Radio Devon this morning

  1. feuxdusoleil says:

    Any news on the EDDC Enforcement Officer taking up the equally serious problem of Condition 12 – upgrading the sewer capacity?

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