Flood scheme update from EDDC

The following article has been sent by East Devon District Council to local media, as well as Feniton’s parish magazine to keep everyone informed of progress on Feniton’s long-awaited flood scheme.

Work to lay pipe for Phase 3 of Feniton flood alleviation scheme on track for October 2019

Phase 4 construction due to commence spring 2020

East Devon District Council is implementing a scheme to reduce the risk of flooding to over 70 homes in the village of Feniton, which involves a system of channels and culverts to divert flood water around the village and away from the homes at risk. The first two phases of the scheme, consisting of new channels and improvements downstream of the village are complete, with Phase 3 currently being progressed and Phase 4 due to be constructed in 2020.

Following approval by Network Rail of the outline design for the Phase 3 section of Feniton’s flood alleviation scheme, involving the connection of a pipe beneath the railway line in October 2019, East Devon has been working with Network Rail, who the council has appointed to complete the detailed design and approvals for that section of the works.

Network Rail completed the first stage of approvals for the detailed design in March 2019, with the remainder of the approvals on track to be completed in May this year. In parallel to this, East Devon is discussing with Network Rail the terms of the contract for the construction of the works, and in particular how the £4000 per minute liability for reopening the railway line is managed as the works cannot proceed without measures being in place to manage this risk to the council’s finances. This is a precaution in the event of the engineering works overrunning.

Network Rail is due to complete all of Phase 3’s design work in June 2019 in order that a contractor to construct the works can be appointed and the planned works completed during October 2019. East Devon will be working with local landowners to make sure access is in place with the relevant legal notice served for this period.

If all goes to plan, the council anticipates that the design work for
Phase 4 will be undertaken over the winter, with the actual construction of Phase 4 of the flood alleviation scheme taking place in spring 2020 when the weather is warmer (which means the work can be done more quickly with less disruption to local residents), with construction of the channels to intercept flood water upstream of the village, and construction of the remainder of the culvert to link the sections already completed.

John Golding, East Devon District Council Strategic Lead Housing, Health and Environment, said: “It’s great we’re now moving forwards on this important project, working constructively with Network Rail to ensure this key part of the scheme is in place without undue risk to the Council’s finances.”


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