Feniton Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’

The final step in the journey of Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan was taken at a meeting of East Devon District Council’s Cabinet last night (11 July).

The Plan has been nearly four years in the making and involved considerable consultation with the residents of Feniton, East Devon District Council, professional advisors, local businesses and national bodies. Links to the many reports associated with the formation of the plan are available here.

On 17 May 2018, a referendum was held in Feniton where one in three of those eligible to vote came out to make their views known. They were responding to the simple question:

Do you want East Devon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Feniton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

462 voted for and 30 voted against.

The final version of Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan is available here.

Last night, East Devon District Council Cabinet members voted unanimously that Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan should be ‘made’, i.e. enshrined in planning policy. This was not a surprising result, given that an overwhelming 94% of voters were in favour of the Plan, and the only thing which could have stopped the Plan at that stage was if there had been a breach of EU obligations or Convention rights.

The Council also commended Feniton Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group for the hard work it had put in, and for the “considerable community engagement” it had undertaken.

The amount of work involved in producing a Neighbourhood Plan cannot be underestimated. Numbers on the Steering Group waxed and waned as time restraints, ill health or frustration took their toll.

But we made it … and as residents we are truly grateful to the Parish Council for its vision and tenacity in leading the process through to the end.

This was really a community project of epic proportion!

NP front cover

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4 Responses to Feniton Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’

  1. Brilliant news – well done everyone who contributed. It looks fabulous and a really useful reference for the Planning Authorities

  2. Congratulations from all at the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan!

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