Complete refurbishment of the QEII and Ely Close play areas in Feniton

Feniton Parish Council has resolved to undertake a major refurbishment of the QEII and Ely Close play areas, as neither have been upgraded since the early 1990s.

Several sources of funding have been identified by councillors:

  • An in-lieu payment by Wainhomes, given that they decided not to provide a play area on their Winchester Park site
  • Monies from East Devon District Council (EDDC) compensating for the loss of play equipment on the QEII site when the flood scheme runs along the length of the play park
  • Grant applications currently submitted by the Parish Council , e.g. Big Lottery Awards for All and Viridor Credits
  • Grants from local businesses
  • Donations from residents
  • Grant from County Councillor Phil Twiss’s Locality Budget

The timescale is such that refurbishment cannot commence until the flood scheme work in the QEII play area has been completed: while we are at least a year away from delivery, we can still prepare and make plans.

As part of the consultation process EDDC’s Community Engagement officer and Parish Councillor Zoe Flockhart will be talking to children at Feniton Primary School on 3 July. The older age group (11–14-year-olds) are being invited to drop in at the QEII on 4 July at some point between 4.15 p.m. and 6.15 p.m. to share their thoughts with EDDC officers and members of the Parish Council. There will also be consultation with the village’s Baby and Toddler Group on 2 July to hear their views.

The consultation exercise is entirely led by the wishes of the children: the Community Engagement officer will not be consulting the parents directly, apart from in the case of the toddlers where parents and carers will need to be involved.

For more information and an update on the consultation exercise, come along to Feniton Parish Council meeting on Monday 9 July, 7.30 p.m., in the village hall annex. Alternatively, contact any member of the Parish Council for more information.

Aged 11 to 14 Flier

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