Devon Mobile Library and Outreach Service Consultation 2018

Devon County Council consultation exercise on library services in Devon:

In Devon we want a comprehensive, modern and cost-effective library service that meets the needs of all our local communities. Providing good quality and sustainable library services in a very rural county like Devon presents many challenges, particularly with dispersed communities and an ageing population.

We believe that everyone should be able to access our library services. New technology and innovative ways of working as seen in many other parts of the country offer fresh opportunities for us to consider that could help us to reach out further and improve access to library services for even more people in rural areas. This consultation aims to seek your views on our existing mobile library and outreach services, and on a range of alternatives and potential improvements. Our main aim is to understand what is of most value to you. Understanding this will help us to adapt our future offer to meet the needs of even more users and potential users in rural areas, and develop more personalised tailored solutions to meet individual needs. What we want to achieve is a library outreach service that is accessible to more people, is flexible enough to be easily adapted to suit the differing needs of local communities, and is designed with the future in mind. We want you to get involved through this consultation, let us know your views and share your own ideas so that, together, we can shape a library service fit for the future.

Consultation available here.

Rural Library Service Consultation poster (002)


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