Gittisham Memories!

Following on from last year’s highly successful event, Gittisham will be hosting a weekend entitled ‘Gittisham Memories’.

The event will be taking place

On May 13 and 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In Gittisham Village Hall

Refreshments are being provided, including a ploughman’s lunch.

On display will be:

  • Past and present photographs capturing anything to do with Gittisham
  • Quotes from dearly remembered members of the community
  • Historic facts
  • Slide shows of fun events and community projects
  • Interviews from those who have been brought up in Gittisham
  • News articles, maps and many more recordings
  • Pictures and paintings
  • A book to sign for all those associated with Gittisham.

Entry is free, but donations will go towards the village hall, church and funding for a village defibrillator.

For more information or if you can help to add more to our displays, contact Helen Hayman on:

Gittisham Memories

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