Last ditch attempt to save community hospitals

Will you be taking part in the Red Line event?

The event will take place on Saturday 1 April and is the opportunity to demonstrate your anger at the plans to close our much-loved community hospitals.

At 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, protestors will gather outside Honiton Hospital and will be addressed by MP Neil Parish. Honiton is to lose ALL its hospital beds under plans put forward by the NEW Devon CCG. These beds were struck out of the plan with the stroke of an accountant’s pen without a single shred of public consultation.

At 2 o’clock, I will be at Ottery Hospital to hear Cllr Claire Wright speak about the plan to decimate our local medical services. Ottery has already lost its beds and plans as to what will become of the building have yet to be outlined. The building is now in the hands of NHS Property Services.

Whichever event you attend, wear red to demonstrate your feelings about the utter madness of dismantling a system which is so fundamental to the needs of every single one of us.

Red Line Event
Saturday 1 April
Honiton Hospital at 10 o’clock
Ottery St Mary Hospital at 2 o’clock
W E A R   R E D!

Placard, NHS cuts

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    I was there!

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