Desperate plea to look again at the Fairer Funding Deal

Local schools are still reeling from the news that they will see cuts to their budgets from Government funding. The situation is truly desperate. Budgets have already been cut to the bone and now we can expect to see some real changes with cuts to front-line staff.

Colin Butler, Executive Headteacher of the Otter Valley Federation, incorporating Feniton and Tipton Primary Schools, has written to all parents to outline the parlous state of affairs. He will have difficult choices to make.

In his letter, he says,

Devon is one of the lowest funded authorities in the country. Currently, the annual funding allocated for a pupil in Devon is £290 less than the national average. For the Federation that is approximately £90,000 per year, every year. Year on year we have been underfunded. The government is planning a move towards a National Funding Formula (NFF) which means that funds are spread evenly regardless of where you are based in the country. However, moves to a national funding formula for schools, creating a fairer funding system, will not bring the benefits to our school that we had hoped to see as the effect will be more than offset by the many other pressures facing our school budget at this time.

The broader picture is that 98% of schools nationally show a reduction in their budget and that Devon’s reduction is a massive £35,157,274; £401 per pupil, the equivalent of 943 fewer teachers.

So what can you do about it?

Visit and sign up to the petition. It takes seconds!

And email your MP, either Neil Parish ( or Sir Hugo Swire ( and tell him how worried you are about your children’s future education. You can do this through the Schools Cuts website or use the email addresses here.

Colin Butler continues, “Our school is not alone. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has shown that more than half (55%) of school leaders in a recent survey felt that their deficit would be untenable by 2018/19. Funding pressures are being felt across all phases and in all schools, not just our own.”

Please support the hard work of the teachers in our local schools by making your voice heard … loud and clear.

Sign the petition!

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