Are you looking for affordable housing in Gittisham?

Gittisham Parish Council, East Devon District Council and Devon Communities Together have embarked on the process of identifying people in need of affordable housing in the village through a Housing Needs Survey.

WP_20130807_006Gittisham, one of the most beautiful villages in East Devon, identified a need for small-scale development within the village through their parish plan. The Parish Plan was completed in 2010 and residents were of the opinion that use should be made of redundant farm buildings to provide affordable housing in the village:

Respondents felt that there should be more affordable housing for local people and there was a broad agreement that there should be more housing available for rent. They also felt that uses should be found for redundant buildings and there was a strong agreement that any new houses must be designed to enhance their surroundings.

Narrow bridge approaching Welbeck siteA Housing Needs Survey, in the form of a questionnaire, has been sent to every household in the Parish to gauge the need for such development. Residents have until 10 June to complete the survey and are being urged by the Parish Council to have their say. A strong demand has to be demonstrated for such development for it to have any chance of succeeding.

In addition, the Parish Council would like to hear from any residents who have left the parish and would like to return.

Parish Councillor, David Valentine, said, ‘If there are people who have moved away from the parish because of the lack of affordable housing, we would really like to hear from them.’

A Housing Needs Survey can be downloaded from, completed and returned to Devon Communities Together. While the survey is not anonymous, no personal information from respondents will be published.

Once all the data has been gathered and interpreted by Devon Communities Together, the results will be sent to Gittisham Parish Council where councillors will decide on the best way to proceed.

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