Will you be voting in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday?

Only once since I became eligible to vote did I fail to do so.

It was a deliberate (and rather feeble) act of defiance against the prospect of having an elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). I was appalled at the politicisation of the police force and furious at the extraordinary waste of money at a time of increased austerity.

And I wasn’t alone.

The turnout for the 2012 PCC elections was just 15%, amply demonstrating that the public is just not engaged with the process, is disinterested, or like me, appalled at the prospect of an elected representative of a political party being in charge of policing in Devon and Cornwall.

However, I have already cast my postal vote in the PCC elections in favour of Independent candidate, Bob Spencer.

Bob Spencer logoI am still angry, as I was in 2012, about the ludicrous waste of money, but I decided that if we were to be stuck with the system of elected PCCs, then it had better be an Independent candidate!

And who better?

Take 5 minutes to read about Bob on his website (http://bob-spencer-4-pcc.co.uk/about-me/). He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and 30 years of experience of policing and will have no need to employ expensive consultants to steer him through the complexities of managing the D&C force.

I wish Bob well in the final days of electioneering. As he says on his website:

A strong leader who will not shy from unpopular decisions, I will advocate vociferously for the community to have the policing they want and need. Critically I have the skills and experience needed to challenge the Police to ensure they deliver for the communities of Devon, Cornwall, Torbay and Isles of Scilly. As an Independent I am free to act and free to speak on your behalf without political pressures.

Bob Spencer banner

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2 Responses to Will you be voting in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday?

  1. Polly Williamson says:

    Hi Susie, like you I think the PCC was an unnecessary burden on us poor taxpayers, but having attended the EDA meeting at the Knowle, I was impressed by Bob’s take on the office of PCC, and am now pretty sure I’ll be voting for him. By the way, time for lunch at the Pig Hotel sometime soon? Polly

  2. Apart from hearing something about interviewing the candidates on the local radio, this is the very first that I have heard about any of the candidates. I have not been able to find the radio interview on the BBC Devon site so have not been able to catch up with that.
    However, with a bit of time fairly late last night, I did some surfing and eventually, found the relevant candidates pages. I decided to put the same post on all but 2 of the Facebook pages, asking why I should vote for them when none of them had bothered trying to canvas my vote in any way.
    Therefore, I shall be voting for the first one of only two who bothered to reply.
    The fact that such a small minority vote may actually show some good judgement by the majority. Afterall, how can one judge for whom to vote when one has no information about the candidates.

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