Relief for those who are having difficulty getting flood insurance

Given the increasing problems householders are currently experiencing with getting insurance to cover them against flooding, the Government has responded with ‘Flood Re’.

The scheme has taken some considerable time to get off the ground, but as from 4 April 2016, Flood Re will allow insurers to pass on the flood risk element of your insurance policy to a third-party insurer. This means that in the event of a flood, Flood Re will be paying out and not the primary insurance company.

The Government-backed scheme will be funded by every householder in the country who will see an increase of £10 on their insurance.

The flood element of the insurance of householders at risk of flooding will still be between £200 and £500 (and they will need to also pay the usual household insurance against fire, burglary, etc.), but this is considerably less than premiums being sought at the moment, or indeed better than nothing at all where householders have been refused insurance once they have claimed for flooding.

Full information is available here:

Flood alleviation scheme around Metcombe and Sweethams cottages

Flood alleviation scheme around Metcombe and Sweethams cottages

However, the first port of call for those living in Feniton who are having difficulty in getting insurance is the parish clerk (; 07842 041798) who will be able to provide a copy of a letter from engineers at East Devon District Council which outlines the flood alleviation scheme currently under way. This should reassure residents’ existing insurers that, once the scheme is complete, the risk of flooding in Feniton will be considerably reduced.

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