Great start to the recycling trial in Feniton

The much awaited recycling trial in new Feniton has kicked off to a cracking start with an almost 80% increase in the amount of refuse recycled at the kerbside.

PrintResidents in new Feniton have embraced the new system with customary enthusiasm and the only complaints I’ve had are from people on the outskirts of the village who are not included in the trial … and want to know why they’ve been left out.

The first collection of the new recyclables for new Feniton was last Wednesday and I understand that 5.2 tonnes of recycling was collected – an extra 2.3 tonnes compared to the previous week.

Recycling logoFor residents who need assistance, the council’s recycling team can be contacted on 01395 571515 or email, or as ever get in touch with me.

The council also has a really useful smart phone app which will send reminders about recycling and waste collection days tailored to your own address. The East Devon mobile app is free and is available to download for Iphone users from the Apple App Store and for Android smart phone users from the Google Play Store.

As a reminder of what can now be recycled in the weekly kerbside collection:
• Cardboard: Printed card, egg boxes, inner tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls, brown cardboard boxes, card from packaging such as toys and electrical goods, all cardboard food packaging (cereal packets, cardboard sleeves)
• Mixed plastics: Margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots and food packaging e.g. meat & veg trays.
• Plastic bottles: Milk containers, drinks, cleaning and product bottles
• Textiles: Clothes, sheets and blankets, shoes, curtains and towels
• Glass: Glass bottles, glass jars
• Household batteries
• Paper: Newspapers and magazines, bagged shredded paper, junk mail/envelopes, writing paper
• Metals: Food and drink cans, pet food cans, foil wrap and trays
• Empty aerosols
• Food waste: Fruit and vegetable peelings, cooked food, uncooked food, meat and fish, plate scrapings, tea and coffee grounds, cat and dog food.

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2 Responses to Great start to the recycling trial in Feniton

  1. Deirdre Dee says:

    What a great step forward, now we just need to set a similar trialup in Sidmouth!

    • susiebond says:

      It is very exciting and great to be involved in such a positive project. Trials are currently ongoing in new Feniton and part of Exmouth (900 houses each). The scheme will be rolled out across the rest of East Devon during 2016. Your turn will come!

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