Are you a Recycling Champion?

Recycling logoAn improved recycling collection service is to be trialled in two East Devon areas from September.

Feniton has been chosen as one of the areas for the trial which will involve the addition of cardboard and mixed plastics to the kerbside collection each week.

Every household in Feniton will receive an additional 70 litre reusable sack which will be able to be used alongside the usual green recycling box. The council’s weekly food waste collections will continue as normal.

An increase in the number of items which can be recycled will mean there will be considerably less waste going into the grey landfill bins, which will only be emptied every 3 weeks, instead of once a fortnight as at present.

Feedback and information from the trial will help the council make a decision on any future changes to the current recycling and waste service for the whole district. The trial will start in September.

Waste for recyclingEast Devon currently recycles around 44% of its household waste and the recycling and waste contract accounts for around a quarter of the council’s total annual revenue spend.

East Devon officers are preparing a public awareness campaign in the two selected trial areas, which include Feniton, with letters, leaflets and road shows. Information on the trials will shortly be placed on the council’s website (

The council is also looking for ‘Recycling Champions’ in Feniton to assist council officers and help them with the introduction of the trials by giving feedback throughout. If you’re a keen recycler, living in Feniton and you’re interested in helping out, please contact EDDC’s recycling team on 01395 571515.

From September, residents in the trial areas will be able to recycle:

• Cardboard: Printed card, egg boxes, inner tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls, brown cardboard boxes, card from packaging such as toys and electrical goods, all cardboard food packaging (cereal packets, cardboard sleeves)
• Mixed plastics: Margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots and food packaging, e.g. meat and veg trays
• Plastic bottles: Milk containers, drinks, cleaning and product bottles
• Textiles: Clothes, sheets and blankets, curtains and towels
• Glass: Glass bottles, glass jars
• Household batteries
• Paper: Newspapers and magazines, bagged shredded paper, junk mail/envelopes, writing paper
• Metals: Food and drink cans, pet food cans, foil wrap and trays
• Empty aerosols
• Food waste: Fruit and vegetable peelings, cooked food, uncooked food, meat and fish, plate scrapings, tea and coffee grounds, cat and dog food.

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1 Response to Are you a Recycling Champion?

  1. feuxdusoleil says:

    So, under the new recycling experiment, soiled nappies, pant liners, used tampons and sanitary towels will now be in your wheelie bins for 3 weeks instead of two weeks (which was bad enough). It sounds to me as though Feniton’s fly infestation is about to become much, much worse. I’ve raised the problem of sanitary waste with East Devon many times since the change from weekly to fortnightly collections has meant maggot infested bins (often indoors for flat dwellers). Unfortunately, the department seems to be full of men who really don’t like to talk about such a basic (female??) issue and so I have never had a reply to my question. Maybe you, Susie, can get the EDDC men to take this seriously – especially for Feniton.

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