Nibble, Nibble, Chomp, Chomp

Here we go again …

Less than one week after the Wainhomes’ application for 30 houses was rejected at the DMC chairman’s delegated meeting (see, the insatiable appetite of this developer has led it scurrying back to Feniton to scavenge what it can from the remains of the field behind Louvigny Close.

The rich pickings are getting smaller and smaller and this time are a soupçon compared to the feast originally envisaged. Wainhomes scoffs at the table of Feniton’s rich agricultural land with such frequency that severe indigestion and bloating must be a serious possibility.

The latest application is for 13 houses. Those who have been keeping up with development in Feniton will know the history … first 150, then 50, then 83, then 31, then 30 and now 13. It’s frankly exhausting and is seriously getting beyond a joke.

The Parish Council still has grave concerns about the adequacy of the attenuation tanks (finally installed after a Breach of Condition Notice was put on the site) and these are currently being addressed by Wainhomes’ drainage consultants.

Meanwhile, the revised Local Plan has been passed by full Council to be put before the Planning Inspector, Anthony Thickett, and he will shortly be giving his thoughts on the plan before it is sent out for public consultation. The numbers envisaged for East Devon are eye-watering (or lip-smacking if you’re a developer) … 950 houses a year for the next 18 years.

Under Strategy 27 of the Local Plan, Feniton can however decide on its future housing numbers through the Neighbourhood Plan, currently being prepared by the Parish Council in consultation with residents.

The latest planning application for 13 houses (15/0694/MFUL) is now live, but the paperwork will not be uploaded for a couple of days yet.

As usual, there is a consultation period for residents to put their submissions, either for or against the proposal, on the EDDC website. This time, the opportunity to have your say closes on 21 April.

Meanwhile, the next Feniton Parish Council meeting is 13 April at 7.30 pm in the main village hall.

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8 Responses to Nibble, Nibble, Chomp, Chomp

  1. blackmorej says:

    What! This is beyond a joke now…..Wainhomes are a joke. Do they even know what NO means. GO AWAY and leave Feniton alone!

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  3. Peter says:

    I was about to say this is unbelievable but on reflection its completely believable. The question is can we increase the number of objections to over 400 this time

  4. Anthony Harper says:

    The latest application for 13 homes was submitted on 23rd March, ie before EDDC refused the previous one. Is the planning system designed to be used in this way? Surely there is some precedent or fundamental rule that prevents this extraordinary situation. Also, it does seem to be against a rule of natural justice that Wainhomes can apply for permission on a site for which they have already been granted permission at appeal, but have failed to satisfy some of the conditions laid down in that previously granted permission eg landscaping. Not going to give up however.

  5. Val Jones says:

    This latest application contravenes condition 8 of the appeal decision for the 50 granted in September 2012 because some of the houses are on land that must be landscaped in accordance with that condition. Now we all know that if anyone else contravened a planning condition enforcement would be taken immediately. But Wainhomes seem to be different. They seem to be able to do exactly what they want to do. They’ve already tarmacked over the area for landscaping and put in the road that will serve these houses. Why are they allowed to get away with it.

  6. Sandra Semple says:

    Don’t forget that, now EDDC is in election mode, councillors are busy defending their seats and are unlikely to determine this application in time, so it will therefore go straight to appeal – exactly what both sides would wish. Developers in eternal hope and EDDC avoiding a contentious meeting when it could lose them (even more) votes.

  7. Patrick Hamilton says:

    You indicate that Feniton can influence its future housing numbers through the Neighbourhood Plan. Is this really the case? I was under the impression that the Neighbourhood Plan could only influence the location of these houses.

    • susiebond says:

      Hi Patrick … under the previous draft of the Local Plan, villages (such as Feniton) were given a 5% growth figure over the plan period (at that time to 2026), but the Planning Inspector at the Local Plan hearings last year described that policy as ‘too crude’. The current proposal before him is that the 15 larger villages and small towns should decide on sites for new development and the level of that development through Neighbourhood Plans (this is under Strategy 27). In their draft Neighbourhood Plan, Lympstone, for example, has proposed that any new development should be under 10 houses, as like Feniton they have been swamped by developers wanting to build there.

      The policy has yet to be agreed by the Planning Inspector. The Local Plan is about to go out for full public consultation for an 8-week period and then hearing sessions will hopefully restart in September/October.

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