Feniton consults its residents

Feniton’s Neighbourhood Plan subcommittee heard from interested residents in the primary school this morning at the third NP public consultation exercise.

imageMembers of the subcommittee arranged display boards depicting the history of life in the village in its myriad forms which proved riveting to the many visitors. Some who had lived here for decades found photographs of themselves taken at Twinning Association events, as well as at Feniton carnival, which was a highlight of village life well into the 1980s.

imageThe real purpose of the event was to hear from residents how they would like to see the village progress in coming years.

Many asked what was happening to the Wainhomes’ application for 31 houses currently on the table which seems to have been hanging over the community for months.

Others wanted to know how the Neighbourhood Plan would work and how it would fit in with EDDC’s Local Plan, which will guide development in East Devon up to 2031.

This phase of the neighbourhood plan process is gradually reaching a conclusion. The work of the subcommittee in gauging public opinion (the scoping exercise) now needs to be written up as a report which will inform the questionnaire which will be delivered to every house in the Neighbourhood Plan area over the summer.

This is a very exciting and dynamic project which is putting Feniton in the driving seat of its future.


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