Feniton flood alleviation scheme … “It’s a no brainer!”

The planning application for the Feniton flood alleviation scheme came up before EDDC’s Development Management Committee today.

To a packed Council chamber, the planning officer explained the application to the committee. It was probably one of the more complex applications as it involves a number of landowners, as well as Network Rail.

Flooding at Patteson's CrossThe scheme envisages water being taken around the village through a series of ditches and culverts, under the railway line, down to Patteson’s Cross and eventually on to the River Otter.

Chairman of Feniton Parish Council, Martyn Smith, spoke about the lives of people in Feniton which have been blighted by flooding and the ever-present fear of flooding.

He was followed by resident, Jayne Blackmore, who spoke passionately about what it was like to have to leave your home and see all your possessions being taken away.

I spoke briefly about what a relief it is to have reached this point and thanked officers at EDDC for their work on the scheme. I finished by saying “We are not there yet, but if you are minded to approve, we will have taken a huge step forward.”

Cllr Tony Howard, ward member for Ottery Rural through which part of the scheme will run, offered his full support, saying it was a ‘No Brainer’.

There then followed the shortest debate in living history.

Cllr Mike Howe immediately proposed approval of the application, he was seconded by Cllr Ben Ingham, and the committee voted unanimously in favour.

This is excellent news for Feniton!

Flooded village

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