Uncertainty over superfast broadbroad provision in rural areas

'Ensuring a level playing field for all', but when?

‘Ensuring a level playing field for all’, but when?

Neil Parish MP is to chair an open meeting in Upottery on Friday 6 February on the parlous state of broadband provision in East Devon.

Two of the villages in my ward, Buckerell and Gittisham, are still without superfast broadband with no certainty of when it will be provided.

Residents who log on to http://www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk/where-when/ and enter their postcode are met with the vague response that superfast broadband in their area is ‘under evaluation’. Other, slightly more remote, villages are indicated as ‘out of programme’, which brings even less comfort.

In Feniton, areas within a stone’s throw of the telephone exchange and less than a mile from the recently upgraded green box, still cannot receive superfast broadband.

Phase 2 of the rollout of superfast broadband goes out to tender shortly (http://www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk/plans-get-underway-second-stage-superfast-broadband-roll/) with CDS’s ‘ambition’ to have 100% coverage by 2020.

The lack of certainty over when areas are to be connected makes it impossible for individuals and parish councils alike to make key decisions.

Details of the meeting in Upottery are:

Broadband Public Meeting

(Organised by Upottery Parish Council)
Friday, February 6, 2015, 6pm to 8pm
In Upottery Manor Rooms EX14 9PL
Neil Parish, MP for Honiton & Tiverton will chair the meeting.

Invited speakers include:
Phil Norrey, DCC Chief Executive & Chairman of the CDS Board
Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, DCC portfolio holder for CDS
Keri Denton, DCC Head Economy & Enterprise & Director of CDS
Cllr Paul Diviani, Leader, EDDC & DCC Councillor
Cllr Ross Henley, Somerset CC & Taunton Deane Councillor
Paul Coles, BT South West Regional Partnerships Director

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2 Responses to Uncertainty over superfast broadbroad provision in rural areas

  1. Isobel Harper says:

    We are a couple of hundred yards from the upgraded green box and cannot get the super fast broadband because we, and everyone east of us, is connected to the exchange. BT told us that anyone connected to the exchange would be unable to convert……….

  2. Paul F says:

    Same here. In Fairmile I can get fibre broadband but since the copper connection is all the way into Ottery, we will only get the same 4Mb as existing ordinary broadband even though the fibre to ottery actually runs past our front gate!! As far as I can tell, the fibre connections (the new green roadside boxes) are only in towns and therefore real rural areas (i.e. most of us) may get fibre but WON’T get superfast!!

    Maybe I have misunderstood, but the whole thing seems like a scam to me.

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