Neighbourhood Plan consultation process continues

The second road show to hear the views of Feniton residents about a Neighbourhood Plan will take place on Tuesday 13 January from 2.30 till 9.00 p.m. in the village hall.

Members of the steering group will be on hand to hear the wide-ranging concerns of residents about the future of the village and their ideas for how it can be improved.

Feniton Neighbourhood Plan

Our Community’s Future

An explanation of Neighbourhood Plans can be found on the EDDC website under They are designed to put local people in the driving seat of how their community will look over the coming 15 years.

IMG_0290A Neighbourhood Plan cannot refuse to take development, but can decide on the level of development as long as it is not less than that envisaged in the Local Plan.

In the case of Feniton, EDDC originally envisaged 5% growth over the plan period to 2026, although this approach was discredited by the Planning Inspector at the Local Plan hearings last year. However, given the current 50 homes at Winchester Park and the 32 homes at Acland Park approved at the super inquiry last year, Feniton has already seen an increase of 12%.

There will be further consultation exercises which will inform a questionnaire to be delivered to every household in the plan area.

Tuesday’s event will build on the first consultation exercise held in November 2014 where visitors to St Andrew’s Fayre were keen to have their say (see

Feniton's first Neighbourhood Plan exercise held at St Andrew's Fayre in November 2014

Feniton’s first Neighbourhood Plan exercise held at St Andrew’s Fayre in November 2014

Why not come down and have your say?

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1 Response to Neighbourhood Plan consultation process continues

  1. Jenny says:

    See you there! I do hope we have a good turn out as this is so important for the future of our village.

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