Feniton Parish Council fears over the inadequacy of Wainhomes’ drainage strategy

Martyn Smith, chairman of Feniton Parish Council, has written to planners at EDDC expressing grave concerns about the Flood Risk Assessment produced by Exeter-based AWP for their current application for 31 homes, but also about the revised Flood Risk Assessment for the 50 homes currently under construction.

The concerns are outlined in a report on the assessment amid fears that Wainhomes’ Winchester Park development will exacerbate the flooding problems in the village.

His email, below, was sent to EDDC planners, EDDC engineers, EDDC Legal Department, the Environment Agency, as well as MP Neil Parish.

Some of you will be aware that Feniton Parish Council has very serious concerns and doubts about the revised drainage strategy that was submitted by Wainhomes for their site in Feniton.

It is important and significant to see this in context to the cavalier way Wainhomes have already failed to meet their legal obligations to the planning conditions laid down by the Inspector, not just for the drainage strategy, but other major conditions.

I am attaching a review, done by a Chartered Civil Engineer, on behalf of Feniton Parish Council, which raises a number of questions that we believe must be answered before we can have any confidence in the drainage strategy working. I would be very grateful if these questions can be answered fully and I would like confirmation before Monday 12th January, the date of Feniton Parish Council’s next meeting, that they are being fully looked into and that a progress report is given, by EDDC, at that meeting.

Flooding, as you are all aware, is the biggest issue that Feniton has had to face over the last decade or more and that many people have been put out of their houses because of inundation. The run-off from the Wainhomes site has significantly contributed to the flooding problem and is the first point of concern for the Flood Wardens of the village during heavy rain.

Feniton Parish Council take this matter very seriously and therefore reserve their position as to what action they take in the future if this drainage strategy goes ahead without EDDC undertaking a full and proper investigation and land or property is damaged in any way, by run-off or diversion from the Wainhomes site.

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4 Responses to Feniton Parish Council fears over the inadequacy of Wainhomes’ drainage strategy

  1. Jenny says:

    Thank you, Martyn and Susie.Your hard work on behalf of the village is enormously appreciated.

    • susiebond says:

      Hi Jenny … I’m not on the NP steering group, but there is a hard core of dedicated people who are driving it forward. It’s a really exciting and positive initiative for the village. See you on Tuesday!

  2. Anthony Harper says:

    Well done Martyn and Susie indeed. Would it be possible to publish the engineer’s review just so that we can see what he is saying. Thank you

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