And about time too …

Attenuation tanks being installed on the Wainhomes site in Feniton

Attenuation tanks being installed on the Wainhomes site in Feniton

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9 Responses to And about time too …

  1. Gill Ewings says:

    Can’t believe how shallow the hole is! surely they should be buried deeper?

  2. Val Jones says:

    Interesting – just pipes no tanks. And we are led to believe that the water from these pipes is going to turn at right angles and go back to the pipe leading to Coventry Close

  3. Peter Bending says:

    Is that not where the allotments were to be put and where they want to build some of the extra houses.

  4. Sandra Semple says:

    The bigger ones for the site extension they arrogantly assume they will get or the ones designed for the current site?

  5. Peter Bending says:

    I noticed this morning parties of school children visiting the site and inspecting the work done so far. Is this at last some semblance of a PR exercise by Wainhomes,or showing the kids where the playground would be If they actually build it or, more likely, a substitute planning inspection?

    • John says:

      Elsewhere on this blog a spokesman for Wainhomes has described the company as a “responsible developer”. So perhaps the school children were being invited to inspect Wainhomes’ proposed swimming pool. Or, more likely, should further development be permitted, they were being invited to note where literally hundreds of cars will be exiting onto the road just yards from their school. (Feniton Primary School’s 2010 Travel Plan marks the place where the future estate emerges onto Station Road as one of a number of “danger Spots caused by speeding traffic, congestion and limited pedestrian footpaths”.

      • Val Jones says:

        Maybe they were explaining to the children why silt from their site had ruined their swings so they couldn’t use them during the summer holidays and how big companies like Wainhomes can’t be expected to pay to have them cleaned up. A lesson in bullying

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