Flood wardens out in force yesterday …

The rain intensity alarm went off twice yesterday morning as rain poured down on Feniton.

It meant that our Saturday morning lives were put on hold (again) as we rushed out to sweep leaves from drain covers and place sandbags strategically around the village.

Cheery flood warden making sure the drains are kept clear of leaves and debris

Cheery flood warden making sure the drains are kept clear of leaves and debris

The drains are as clear as they will ever be as Devon County officers have been responding quickly to requests to clear them.

Water rushed off the field behind Mount View and on into Station Road. A spring rises in this field and the water follows its natural course down through the estate across land once called ‘Pond Field’. It beggars belief that 40 or so years ago, it was considered a sensible proposition to build here and, as a village, we are still paying the price.

We swept the top of Station Road of mud and leaves to stop them blocking the drains further down the system.

Water filling the trench at the bottom of the Wainhomes site

Water filling the trench at the bottom of the Wainhomes site

We checked the play area at the back of the allotments where water was pouring from the Wainhomes site. The temporary attenuation tanks are now in place and Wainhomes have dug a wide trench in the bottom corner of their development and this was full and overtopping with the base of the swings in the Parish Council play area under silty water.

We decided to form a rota and check the site on an hourly basis.

Swings on the play area still out of action, flooded with silty water yesterday

Swings on the play area still out of action, flooded with silty water yesterday

I arrived home to find messages and emails from worried residents who had sewage rising from manhole covers in their gardens and gurgling sounds coming from pipework in their houses.

It’s a continuing and unrelenting saga … and it’s disrupting residents’ lives on a regular basis.

Feniton needs its flood alleviation scheme and it needs it quickly.

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7 Responses to Flood wardens out in force yesterday …

  1. Val Jones says:

    And a message to EDDC – Feniton needs NO MORE development until the flooding and sewage problems are sorted out. Until the work has been done and the various schemes shown to work, they must refuse to allow further building – and this includes the 31 that Wainhomes are proposing as part of their efforts to develop the whole field. It any more is allowed either by EDDC or on appeal, then the Feniton residents will have good grounds to sue for failure to protect their welfare and that includes the mental strain.

  2. Sandra Semple says:

    If I lived in Feniton, I would be asking: what do I pay my water rates FOR. Great that the Environment Agency MIGHT one day sort things out, but why are South West Water connecting Wainhomes new houses to water mains when attenuation is not suitable and why are they not pulling their weight? Surely they must take some of the blame.

    • Richard Easterbrook says:

      Why are South West Water allowed a say in planning applications by Developers. They (SWW) are a PRIVATE business and stand to gain financially (through additional customers) by NOT opposing large scale housing development or ensuring people like Waiinhomes get away with things. Surely SWW should be declaring a “vested interest”. Make SWW publicly accountable again as in days of old.

  3. Sandra Semple says:

    Perhaps some Fenitonians may have a claim against SWW for negligence or health and safety breaches, etc – maybe Wainhomes too. If they have legal expenses insurance on their house or buildings insurance it might be worth checking things out.

    • Val Jones says:

      We’re working on that now Sandra because we have a public sewer crossing our property to serve two other houses. The pipe partially collapsed earlier in the year causing sewage to fill the manhole cover outside our kitchen window. if it happens again after more houses are added to the system (and with the blessing of SWW), we will have a good case to sue. As Richard says SWW are a PRIVATE business. They should not be deciding that it is OK to add more houses.

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