MP Neil Parish wades into the Wainhomes debacle


MP Neil Parish

MP Neil Parish

Tiverton and Honiton MP, Neil Parish, has written a firm letter to the managing director of Wainhomes SW in response to residents’ concerns about Wainhomes’ failure to install attenuation tanks on their site at Winchester Park in Feniton.

The site for 50 homes was won at appeal in 2012 against the wishes of local residents, the Parish Council and the Planning Committee (DMC) at East Devon District Council. The Planning Inspector placed a condition on Wainhomes to install the underground tanks before a single house was occupied. This they failed to do and I understand that the ‘redesign’ they say was required (and was the reason for the noncompliance) was so that the tanks could be reconfigured in order for the developer to be able to apply for a further 31 houses at the earliest possible opportunity.

In his letter, Neil Parish wrote:

The planning appeal decision stated clearly that the attenuation tanks to collect surface water from the site should be installed before any homes were occupied on your site. […] I would therefore ask that you rectify the situation in Feniton and ensure that these tanks are installed properly and they are ready to catch the surface rain water from your site, because the residents of Feniton should not be subjected to even more surface water run-off from your site that will worsen the situation of flooding at the lower end of the village.

The latest situation is that Wainhomes have installed temporary tanks and are in the process of constructing swales (ditches) around the site. The design of the temporary tanks has not yet been signed off by East Devon District Council and the Breach of Condition Notice issued by East Devon against this self-proclaimed ‘responsible developer’ is still in force.

Full letter from MP Neil Parish to Wainhomes SW

Full letter from MP Neil Parish to Wainhomes SW

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6 Responses to MP Neil Parish wades into the Wainhomes debacle

  1. Pamela Valentine says:

    That’s fine but who is making sure they are installed correctly ? I hope we are not just taking wainhomes word that it has been done. Pam

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  2. Peter Bending says:

    Whatever Wainhomes have done so far it is NOT what is required by the planning conditions. There can only be a few weeks left of the enforcement order and if the tanks are not installed in the designated place by the end of the period they must be shut down until the work is finished. EDDC planning enforcement officer must not let them get away with their prevarication. The condemnation from EDDC was strong and they must not now weaken

    PS Well done Neil Parish yet again. I may well be voting Tory next election ( National that is obviously local will be for a certain Independant councillor)

  3. Cate Edmonds says:

    It has taken its time in coming but I am thankful that this is being taken seriously by those who may have some power and influence.

  4. Val Jones says:

    The condition said no houses to be occupied until the tanks (and also the swales) were in place. We know some were already occupied when the enforcement notice was issued, (seven I believe) but surely no more should be occupied until the work has been done. They only have until the end of November and yet they continue to let the houses be occupied. How can that be. Time to issue a stop notice on the site.

  5. Sandra Semple says:

    Be thankful it isn’t another MP and another district councillor in Feniton!

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