Wainhomes’ statement

At last …

After multiple requests from the Express & Echo, Radio Devon, BBC Spotlight, The One Show and ITV Westcountry, the following statement was issued by Wainhomes yesterday:

The installation of the final part of the attenuation system has been delayed due to the need for a redesign which has now been approved by South West Water and will be installed as soon as possible.

However, concerned residents should note that a large part of the attenuation system has been installed and the pipes and tanks are in place to deal with the scale of the current development. It is the final tanks at the end of the run that have been redesigned and are not yet installed.

All evidence from site during the last few weeks of heavy rain demonstrates that this is working efficiently.

With the possibility of further heavy rain, additional temporary measures have been agreed and these are currently being installed on site.

Residents can be assured that the redesigned tanks will be installed as soon as possible.

As I understand it, the ‘large part’ of the attenuation system referred to above relates to the small private attenuation tanks which are the responsibility of the new house buyers and which will have been checked by Building Control (NHBC) as to whether these have been installed correctly.

However, the Wainhomes’ statement is interesting in that it raises more questions than answers.

• It doesn’t answer the most crucial question of why Wainhomes failed to comply with Condition 6 in the first place.
• It is not within Wainhomes’ power to pick and choose which Conditions suit their agenda.
• Why was the revised scheme only submitted yesterday (15 October), when houses were being occupied in July?
• Which authority requested the redesign?
• Why was a redesign required when the scheme had already been approved by all the relevant authorities?
• By Wainhomes’ own admission, only part of the scheme required under Condition 6 has been installed. How many houses therefore was the developer proposing to sell before it considered that maybe it was time to install the most vital part of the system?
• What does Wainhomes understand by ‘as soon as possible’ in their statement above? The Breach of Condition Notice still stands and Wainhomes is currently charged with installing the two largest attenuation tanks and the system of swales outlined in the approved scheme by the end of November.

Only then will residents be ‘assured’.

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8 Responses to Wainhomes’ statement

  1. Paul says:

    One further question – does the redesign meet the requirements stated in the Breach of Condition notice?

  2. Paul says:

    A further further question:

    If this redesign process has been going for several months, and if part of the abatement system is already installed and working as designed, why didn’t Wainhomes reassure both the existing purchasers of their homes and the other residents of Feniton of this before the first houses were occupied and, on the basis that it was safe, to negotiate with EDDC ahead of time that the main system could be delayed?

  3. Peter Bending says:

    So the water running through the site last Friday week was a mirage? The fact that the occupied homes didn’t get flooded is down to their own tanks working? Installed so that they could get them cleared for sale? I smell a Red Herring. Could it be that the main tanks would be in the way of the extra houses they want to cram into the site?

  4. Gill Ewings says:

    What exactly do these tanks look like coz I am sure they have not come in to this village via Ottery Road. perhaps they arrived with the fairies.

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  6. Sandra Semple says:

    And what is the insurance and 10 year housebuilders guarantee situation for those homes already occupied when in breach of a planning condition which requires completion before occupation? In theory could villagers could sue Wain Homes for damages if water run off continues at the same level as before?

  7. Val Jones says:

    No-one seems to know where the pipe from the attenuation tanks (original or new or temporary) is going to connect up to. As I understand it the system in Feniton is combined sewage / surface water and again as I understand it SW Water has said no more surface water is to go into the system. So where is it going to go. I wonder if Wainhomes have an answer

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