A happier time in Feniton

Feniton played host to a harvest-themed, community dinner catered by Hall & Hearty’s Tim Maddams. This was the second time H&H had come to the village and we were treated to another excellent meal.H&H logo with candles

Setting up the hall

Setting up the hall

The village hall scrubbed up well with two very long trestle tables to seat the 77 guests, with two overflow tables for the game diners who were prepared to sit on the stage.

Resident, Sophie (12), made some excellent decorations in harvest colours and then with a team of school friends set about serving us food, kitted out in the obligatory black and white.

Some diners pushed the style boat out and turned up in black tie bringing their own candelabra. The rest of us (not remotely put to shame) tucked into our meal in considerably less formal attire.

Welcoming diners to the event

Welcoming diners to the event

Tim explains the ethos of his company on his website (http://www.hallandhearty.co.uk/):

I wanted a way to bring locally-sourced, seasonal, and above all, tasty, food to people across the South West that would be truly ethically sound. I don’t just mean the produce, but the business concept and practices as well. So, I had to look at smart ways of doing things; a different approach. I teamed up with Robin Rea, a local artisan charcutier (www.rustypig.co.uk), to launch Hall & Hearty, the idea being that there are all these rural areas around the region that, because they’ve lost their pub and shops, have no community centre; no focal point in which to gather and share food.

If the noise level was anything to go by, the event should be considered a success.

Perhaps a more accurate measure of its success will be the embarrassment of recycling at our gate this coming week.

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