Radio Devon takes an interest in Wainhomes’ conduct as they renege on vital conditions

Along with Martyn Smith, chairman of Feniton Parish Council, and Jayne Blackmore, flood warden co-ordinator, I was interviewed by Sophie Pierce of Radio Devon this afternoon.

Sophie Pierce of Radio DevonSophie has taken a great deal of interest in Feniton and in the course of the interview, we explained what it was like for residents who are at the mercy of the elements.

Now, however, residents appear to be at the mercy of Wainhomes who have decided to unilaterally ignore the condition to install the attenuation tanks which mitigate the effects of concreting over green fields before a single house is occupied. The condition was imposed on them by the Planning Inspector in 2012 (see

Feniton residents can be confident that EDDC’s Planning Enforcers will exercise their considerable powers to stop further development until such time as the attenuation tanks are installed according to the flood risk assessment already agreed.

The interview is now available on iPlayer, with the main interview at 55.55, although it was also picked up at the hourly and half-hourly newscasts:


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6 Responses to Radio Devon takes an interest in Wainhomes’ conduct as they renege on vital conditions

  1. Cate Edmonds says:

    Great to get the coverage, I did mention flooding in Feniton briefly last week on Radio Devon in my morning service on Sunday

  2. Alison and John Sturley says:

    Hi Susi I know that reducing the flood risk in Feniton is a high priority but what about the community land that Wainhomes is also obligated to provide for the allotments and the community building? Will EDDC also enforce this obligation? We are very concerned that the tanks are too much in the forefront and no one is interested in pursuing WH’s other obligations.

    • susiebond says:

      The condition to put the attenuation tanks in place is in the forefront, as you say, because of the devastating effect flooding has on the village. The S106 agreements are another matter. I have forwarded emails I’ve received on the subject to planning officers at EDDC and will let you know what they say.

  3. Sandra Semple says:

    S106s are only as good as the council which signs them off. If they are not adhered to the council can choose whether or not to go to court to enforce them and cost can be a reason to not bother with enforcement. Any conditions not enforced for (I think it is) 10 years can never be enforced. If money given to a council is not used for its intended purpose within (again I think) 3 years it has to be returned to the developer. There are many instances of non-enforcement at EDDC.

    Tesco was supposed to give a miserly £80,000 after Seaton’s youth club building was demolished to make a right of way across EDDC land to get to their store. Because we were never able to raise co-funding (Colyton’s new youth centre cost £500,000 and its rich Feofees were able to assist) the money was never paid.

    Beware promises made by developers AND councils!

  4. Peter Bending says:

    No one available from Wainhomes to comment I noticed. Probably to busy digging holes for the tanks!

  5. Val Jones says:

    Sandra is right and we are finding that out to our cost here in Feniton. Wainhomes are now reneging on what they signed up to in the Section 106. It’s sheer contempt for the people of Feniton

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