Update on ’Conditions, what conditions?’

I have today received an email from Steve Evans, Senior Area Technical Manager of the NHBC who wrote:

I can confirm NHBC have been engaged to provide both Warranty and Building Control at the above development by Wainhomes (South West) Holdings Ltd. Our Building Control reference number is 03012/2010/HO. I note your comments to my colleague in respect of the storm drainage, however I am unable to provide you with any information in relation to the site without the express permission of the builder. I would therefore advise that you should direct your query to the builder in the first instance.

This is something of a relief as I have to assume that the NHBC will check that the attenuation tanks are installed and that they are of the correct type and size. It is imperative that corners are not cut when it comes to the management of the surface water from the site, particularly as the heavens have just opened yet again and occupants of those houses in the village prone to flooding will be feeling particularly nervous.

Time is now of the essence to ensure that the tanks are installed immediately according to the flood risk assessment submitted to and approved by EDDC.

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2 Responses to Update on ’Conditions, what conditions?’

  1. Cate Edmonds says:

    Some progress perhaps!!

  2. Sandra Semple says:

    It seems EDDC should issue a breach of conditions notice asap: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/7709/319295.pdf

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