My attempt to help address the housing deficit in East Devon

I have tabled a Motion for full Council this evening which, if passed, aims to speed up delivery of housing on those development sites which have been approved to help the housing land supply issue.

East Devon currently has an undersupply of housing across the District, which it needs to address in order for the Local Plan to be adopted.

The text of the Motion reads:

The lack of an adopted Local Plan and the lack of a 6 year housing land supply has created an uncertain planning position with a consequential risk of housing development being approved over and above the numbers the Council believes is justified and in locations that the Council believes are inappropriate. This Council notes the decision of 7 April 2014 by Planning Inspector Jessica Graham to impose a 2 year start condition in allowing a planning appeal at Feniton.

This Council therefore asks Development Management Committee to give careful consideration to the Feniton Appeal decision, and when giving approvals that are being granted specifically to address 6-year land supply issues, agree that approval should be conditioned such that work should commence within 2 years of approval being granted, instead of the current 3 years. This will allow the Council to address the shortfall in the 6 year land supply in a timely fashion.

It is a remarkably simple proposition and I’m looking forward to the debate which will follow.

I have also tabled a written question, which reads:

Is the Leader in possession of any information relating to the police investigation into former Councillor Graham Brown?

The agenda for full Council is available here:

Independent Cllr Claire Wright has submitted a number of written questions and a Motion. Full information is available here:

The meeting is likely to be a fractious one as new rules for public speaking at Planning Committee (DMC) meetings are likely to be approved by full Council.

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2 Responses to My attempt to help address the housing deficit in East Devon

  1. Val Jones says:

    Good luck tonight with the question. A very good idea to help prevent stockpiling permissions which is what is happening at the moment. Developers can at the moment sit back and wait for the market to rise even more by creating a shortfall in housing.

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