Time to revisit post-election analysis?

The following letter from David Lawrence in Hook, Hampshire, appears in today’s Daily Telegraph and neatly identifies a flaw in current analysis of the recent election results. I wonder how many voters used the election to protest against current planning laws … and how many will do so again in 2015.

The Tories need to address planning as well as immigration and Europe

SIR – Comment on and analysis of the election results has concentrated on immigration and Europe. These are not the only areas where the Conservative Party is failing to listen and act. Overdevelopment and building on greenfield sites are also major issues.

My village like many others is under threat. The three Conservative councillors for my ward stood for re-election. An independent, with no political experience, stood at the last minute on the platform ‘putting our villages first’. He topped the poll with 15% more votes than the next candidate.

David Lawrence
Hook, Hampshire

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2 Responses to Time to revisit post-election analysis?

  1. Val Jones says:

    David Lawrence is absolutely right – people everywhere are worried about the effects of a planning free-for-all. But until any of the political parties grasp the nettle that houses should be homes for people to live in, not commodities to invest in, we will continue to have more and more houses built for those with cash to spare to speculate on. This is why prices are rising so fast and why first time buyers can’t get anywhere near the housing ladder.
    Housing marches on feathering the nest of the few, aided and abetted by those empowered to make the laws in their favour.
    Social housing needs to be addressed by all political parties if we are ever to get back to people having a home that they can afford – be it rented or bought. We should be aiming at a home for everyone, not multiple ownership for the few.

  2. L. Woodward says:

    That’s true. UKIP have been active in this area fighting against the development of large housing estates outside village boundaries on AONB and for this I applaud them.

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