Public Inquiry, evening session in Feniton

As a result of public concerns expressed at the inquiry, as well as previously, the Planning Inspector in the Feniton inquiry into mass development in the village, Jessica Graham, has requested that a public meeting be held in the village during the inquiry:

Public Inquiry Open Meeting, Feniton Primary School
Wednesday, 15 January 2014, from 6 p.m.

The evening session will be part of the main inquiry and will be bound by the same rules as the inquiry held during the day at the FlyBe Training Academy. Ms Graham has asked that it is made clear that this will not be an opportunity to address her personally (or in private) and that any submissions will be made to everyone in the room without interruption. A representative from each of the developers’ teams will be present and will be given the opportunity to cross-examine those who have made submissions, although this cross-examination will not be as forceful as the expert witnesses have had to endure during the day sessions.

Ms Graham is very keen to hear from residents on how they feel about the developments in the village, but has requested that people do not repeat what others have already said. This doesn’t serve any useful purpose in helping her come to a decision.

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