Reassurance from Environment Agency on latest cutbacks

Given the announcements of job losses and cutbacks at the Environment Agency, I have been in touch with them to ask for reassurance that the promised monies for the Feniton flood alleviation scheme are still in place.

A Super Inquiry into mass development in Feniton is now underway and all three developers are crowing that their scheme will provide much needed funds for the scheme, or indeed that their scheme will actually deliver part of the scheme.

ImageResidents of beleaguered Feniton (on flood alert again today) will be relieved to read the Environment Agency’s response below:

Thank you for your email and I understand your concern.

The Environment Agency has to save money and reduce staff numbers, like the rest of the public sector. We are looking to protect frontline services and our ability to respond to flooding when it occurs. Following this change the Environment Agency will still be a £1billion business with around 10,000 staff, covering a range of work to protect people and the environment.

The government is actually increasing the amount of Capital money which funds the construction of new flood defence schemes – such as that at Feniton. We hence anticipate that the current round of cuts will not impact on the planned FDGIA funding of East Devon District Council’s Feniton Flood Alleviation Scheme. I can also confirm that Local Levy funding is still available to supplement funding coming from both East Devon District Council and Devon County Council. I confirm we are keen to see this project delivered as soon as possible.

I hope this provides you with the reassurance you seek.

It certainly does … and thank you on behalf of Feniton!

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