Sewage discharge yet again

A day of heavy rain yesterday caused the pathetic infrastructure in Feniton to fail yet again.

Water gushed off the Wainhomes site, through the children’s play area and across the village allotments, and a major crisis was only averted by dint of the fact that the rain stopped … just in time. The water was backing up behind an earth bank at the edge of the allotments and there are now concerns that the bank is being eroded, despite a very utilitarian concrete wall that was put in some time ago by Feniton Parish Council.

Meantime, I received the following email from a concerned resident in the old part of the village:

Yet again, raw sewage effluent is emerging from overfilled drain on the road between Feniton old village and Buckerell Cross (see attached photo). This is an ongoing and unresolved issue which occurs not only following extreme rainfall, but after just a normal reasonably heavy storm.


This event took place at approximately 7pm on the 18th December, the ‘sewage plume’ was approximately 12 to 15 inches high and 5 inches across.

The water was flowing across the road and straight into the Vine stream which is only a short distance from where the stream joins the River Otter.

Obviously the drains are completely full and where any fault occurs the pressure of the water in the pipe causes the plume of sewage to emerge. If it is happening where it can be seen I would suggest the same is happening should a fault exist in an underground pipe.

I have reported this pollution incident to the EA and SWW.

An emergency team from SWW turned out at 10.30 last night, by which time the rain had stopped.

When foul water is discharged from the drains, it becomes a pollution issue and is then the responsibility of the Environment Agency. It is vitally important to ring the EA’s hotline on 0800 80 70 60 to report such incidents (pollution to water or land).
Otherwise, EA’s website lists the following reasons to call them:
• damage or danger to the natural environment
• pollution to water or land
• poaching or illegal fishing
• fish in distress or dead fish
• watercourses blocked by a vehicle or fallen tree causing risk of flooding
• illegal dumping of hazardous waste or large amounts of industrial waste
• incidents at Environment Agency-regulated waste sites
• illegal removals from watercourses
• unusual changes in river flow
• collapsed or badly damaged river or canal banks.

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2 Responses to Sewage discharge yet again

  1. Yet again the flood wardens were out late last night making sure residents were prepared, drains were swept and battling the water flowing from the allotments. Mercifully the rain stopped just at the right time. If it carried on Feniton residents would have been in dire trouble from flooding YET AGAIN!

  2. Peter Bending says:

    I guess this means my sprouts will be flooded then! Seriously though if the bank at the bottom of the allotments has been eroded SWW will be delighted they want to destroy it anyway so they can put the Storm drain from the Wainhomes site into the drain between Wells Ave and Coventry Close. Of course when the site is complete all the water will run off rather than soak into the ground, heaven only knows what this will mean to our already overloaded system.
    The sewerage discharge is of course a disgrace but I’m sure SWW will say it only happens once in a blue moon.
    I suppose it was to much to hope that some of the earth moving equipment got washed away!

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