Proof of evidence for the Super Inquiry

If there has ever been any doubt about the commitment of Feniton residents and their hard-working Parish Council to counter the ambitions of landowners and three separate developers to build in the village, they have been dispelled this week.

Members of the Parish Council and Fight for Feniton’s Future have worked incredibly long hours to produce a massive tome as their Proof of Evidence at the Super Inquiry. It looks at every aspect of the ‘sustainability’ of the village, and this will be a central plank of the inquiry.

Five copies of the Proof of Evidence are winging their way to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol for dissemination to the various parties and a further copy is going to the Parish Council’s legal representative, whose services are being paid for by the generosity of the people of Feniton who have pledged sums big and small in an attempt to keep the village exactly that – a village.

All members of the Parish Council and Fight for Feniton’s Future are either retired or still working full time, which makes producing such a document an incredible feat of logistics. The work they do for the village is done on a purely voluntary basis and to have found the time to produce the Proof of Evidence in their spare time is laudable.

The Super Inquiry will start on 7 January 2014 at 10 a.m. in Feniton Bowling Club.

It is set to be a battle of David and Goliath proportions with big business on one side (complete with their hugely expensive legal teams) and the village on the other.

Developers need to prove that legal right is on their side, but the moral right is firmly on the side of the village.


Approaching the village from Fenny Bridges

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