Attention to detail

ImageHave you seen the advert on page 47 of this week’s Midweek Herald, which is accompanied by a press release from Wainhomes?

It’s causing quite a stir (and not a little hilarity), because it’s difficult to recognise the village described by the developer.

It kicks off by saying that Feniton is within easy reach of both Dartmoor and Exmoor (debatable).

It then extolls the virtues of Exeter airport which apparently gives easy access for commuting to London and Manchester.

Have you tried to get a plane from Exeter airport to London? Well, there aren’t any.

And commuting to Manchester by plane would not meet any of the Government’s sustainability criteria … not by a long way.

A prominently displayed Network Rail sign on the press release intimates good rail links, but then informs us that the Exeter to Paddington line is accessible from Exeter. As has long been argued, the line at Feniton does not provide a sustainable option as the service is so poor.

Another gem of misinformation can be found on the website where we’re reliably informed that, should you buy your house in Winchester Park, you will use the doctors’ surgery in Honiton (address spelt wrong). Existing residents will know that if you live in Feniton you attend the Coleridge Medical Centre in Ottery St Mary, which is already struggling to cope with its existing patients and has publicly stated its serious concerns about taking on more.

However, this is my favourite from the Midweek Herald press release: “A semi-rural location with some homes having views over the adjoining countryside”. There is no mention of the Wainhomes development for 83 houses currently at appeal which, if allowed, will be built right on the view which is a selling point for the houses currently being built.

Buyer Beware!

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2 Responses to Attention to detail

  1. V JONES says:

    Well done Susie, brilliant comment   Val


  2. Peter Bending says:

    They should have mentioned the wonderful school at Feniton or at least the free coach trips the kids will have as they are bussed daily to other schools in East Devon that aren’t full. Still look on the bright side, my allotment may not get flooded again as the run of water from the fields above will become another selling point, “Indoor swimming pools”.

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