Wainhomes has landed

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that Wainhomes has arrived in the village.


My phone has been ringing almost non-stop with residents expressing sadness at the decimation of the village. The Devon bank has been ripped up and the hedge on top of it razed to the ground in the swipe of a digger’s bucket.

At the end of the first week, I was called by a very concerned resident of Louvigny Close about the lake of water which had collected behind one of the bungalows.


The owner of the bungalow could not be contacted, the workmen had left the site, Wainhomes were not answering their phone and more rain was forecast. I eventually managed to get hold of someone from the ground works company who sent out a member of staff to assess the situation. The pause in the rain allowed the lake to drain before it refilled during the night.

Crisis averted … this time.

The site is for the 50 houses granted at appeal by the Planning Inspectorate last year and, if other developers and landowners have their way, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Early next year, a ‘Super Inquiry’ will be held in the Bowling Club where a Planning Inspector will decide the fate of the village. Have the landowners and developers condemned us to Feniton New Town or will we be able to grow in a sustainable way like other villages in East Devon. Residents are allowed to come and watch proceedings or make a statement at the beginning of each day. Statements can be straight from the heart or read from a prepared text.

As soon as the date of the Super Inquiry has been confirmed (hopefully this coming week), I will let everyone know.

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1 Response to Wainhomes has landed

  1. L. Woodward says:

    Sorry to see this. I really feel for the neighbours to the Wainhomes development. It seems that we are not allowed the privilege of feeling safe in our homes anymore.

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