Latest news on developments in Feniton (August 2013)


The Planning Department at EDDC has now heard back from the Planning Inspectorate on the three developments awaiting appeal in Feniton. Details of the three are as follows:

  1. Feniton Park Ltd (land at the back of Acland Park, 32 houses), Ref. 2191905
  2. Strategic Land Partnerships (land to the west of Ottery Road, 59 or 120 houses), Refs 2197001 and 2197002
  3. Wainhomes (land behind Louvigny Close, 83 houses), Ref. 2200204

The letter, dated 7 August 2013, reads:

Having carefully considered the nature of the appeals, the size, scale and proximity of the proposals, the matters at issue and each party’s views on the most appropriate procedure and whether the appeals should be linked, the Inspectorate has determined that inquiries are necessary to deal with all the appeals. We will not link the appeals for consideration at a single inquiry, but shall instead arrange three consecutive inquiries which we will endeavour to schedule in the order that the appeals were received. …

[The order the appeals were received is as listed above.]

As a consequence, the appeals will henceforth be dealt with by our Major Casework team. …

Finally, as it would appear likely that the affected appellants will wish to take a close interest in each other’s appeals, we have invited them to apply for Rule 6(6) status.

Rule 6(6) status allows interested parties to appear at the public inquiry, where they may cross-examine the other parties and make statements of their own to the Planning Inspector. Full information is available at:

Feniton residents have become used to being in the centre of the storm. There are still massive issues of flooding to be addressed; a former District Councillor continues to be investigated by the police; and their green spaces have come under an unprecedented level of interest from developers. Residents have no way of knowing how their village will look in a few years’ time, but the Planning Inspectorate’s letter means that one way or another, matters will be settled in the near future.

There is no date yet for the inquiries, but I have asked officers at EDDC to arrange for the proceedings to be held in the village if at all possible. That way, residents can come and go as they choose or are able to (given the fact that the inquiries will be held during working hours). Individuals will also be able to make short statements at the beginning of the day which the Inspector will take into account in his deliberations.

I will blog further information to keep residents up to date as soon as I have it.

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