Telegraph warns of increased development on greenfield sites

Protesters in Feniton

Today’s Daily Telegraph warns that with the full implementation of the NPPF this week, the country can expect increased development on greenfield sites, leaving the less lucrative brownfield sites (derelict factories, scrubland) to blight the urban landscape (

“Since the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was first published last March, the number of homes granted approval in England has risen by a quarter on the previous year, figures show. Experts warned communities that the number would rise even more once the NPPF comes into force tomorrow.”

We are living that reality here in East Devon where, as the Wednesday deadline approaches, fury is mounting. Given that East Devon District Council is one of the many councils without a Local Plan in place, East Devon Alliance organised a march last Saturday through Feniton where hundreds protested against unprotected Grade 1/2 agricultural land being used for housing.

This short-term policy of mass development wherever the landowner and developer sees fit, neglects the vista of the permanent loss of quality land used for food production and what this will mean for a country with an ever and rapidly increasing population.

Would anyone have voted Conservative, let alone those in the Tory heartland of East Devon, if they had known that this was on the agenda?

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